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About Us

After being very established within the Nail Industry, ex salon owner Michelle Duberry was looking for a new venture. The single mother said goodbye to her only child as she went away for university for the next 3 years. Michelle found her self, trying to keep busy picking up several new hobbies. But from yoga to life drawing, nothing fill that void. 4 weeks later Ms Duberry found herself back at square one, looking for something meaningful to fill the gap of not being a full-time parent.


During a conversation with a dear friend Michelle came across the idea of an online chic boutique. This is when the luxury Jewellery brand ’DFWM was born. The essence of the signature brand is to stand up for what is right. The message we aim to convey is that we should not tolerate insulting behaviour in any form. We should not be made to feel uncomfortable in our race, age, sex, religion, beliefs , pregnancies and maternity.